Tatiana Neumuller

Creator and Curator

Tatiana Neumuller is the creator of and the curator behind The Little Store in the Currumbin Valley. Tat also hosts Story Time at Pasture and Co.

Hi there, I’m Tat


Hi. I’m Tatiana; the face, brains and hearts behind the little store. I’m a solo mama of three littles who calls the Gold Coast home.  

I crave a space where people come in and feel welcomed & seen. Where their goodies are gift wrapped and hugs are always free. 

I want people to come in and have peace of mind to know that each product they touch and buy hasn’t cost the Earth. Our store is curated with Mother Earth and her children in mind. When I research a product, I need to know that the people creating the piece are willingly coming to work and are being paid fairly in exchange for their craftsmanship.  

I hope to meet you soon.